Levitt's primary funding areas include permanent Levitt venues and the Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards, an annual grants competition. Communities large and small that are taking charge of their own cultural destinies - places where civic spirit, human connections and access to the arts are recognized as key ingredients for a healthy community - are encouraged to learn more. 

Partnering with Levitt or receiving a grant offers your town or city the extraordinary opportunity to transform an abandoned or underused public space into a vibrant community destination where all feel welcome. Levitt uses the power of free, live music to bring people together and strengthen community bonds. Interested in bringing Levitt to your community? Email inquiry@levitt.org to learn more.



Levitt network highlights

  • 8 permanent outdoor venues and 20 Levitt AMP sites across the U.S.*
  • Acclaimed and award-winning talent
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Welcoming, open lawn settings
  • Family-friendly programming
  • Accessible locations
  • More than 750,000 people served annually

*The meaningful impact of the Levitt program is
   inspiring our network's growth, so stay tuned!


Why Levitt?

Powerful brand: Both permanent Levitt venues and Levitt AMP sites benefit from positive brand recognition. Our proven track record and reputation for excellence and accessibility enables Levitt venues to attract acclaimed performers, loyal audiences, diverse funders and corporate sponsors.

City perception: The Levitt program enhances the perception of your city and its livability—from access to the arts and green spaces to its friendliness, family offerings and walkability.

National network: Both Friends of Levitt nonprofits and Levitt AMP grantees benefit from a national support system offering cost-saving resources, best practices and technical assistance, shared programming and peer-to-peer networking.

Public/private partnership: Levitt’s expertise in developing effective public/private partnerships leverages local resources, reduces expenses and ensures cost-efficient operations.

Collective agreement: Levitt's focus on public/private partnerships ensures that each permanent Levitt venue has the support of three entities committed to its success—the City, the local Friends of Levitt nonprofit, and the national Levitt Foundation—as well as engaged citizens and volunteers in your community.

Meaningful impact: Revitalized spaces with permanent Levitt venues spur spillover activity and long-term ripple effects in your city. Green spaces are sustained, communities are safer, and economic activity increases.

Best practices: Permanent Levitt venues are held to the highest standards in entertainment and nonprofit management year after year. Levitt’s best practices provide standards in areas like operations, effective fundraising and community outreach, ensuring the sustainability of each signature Levitt venue.

Community-driven: Whether through permanent Levitt venues or the Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards, Levitt's creative placemaking projects are driven by local leaders, engaged citizens and the philanthropic and business communities.

Embracing the local: Levitt concerts engage a town or city’s character of life and reflects local tastes.

Consistent activation: Permanent Levitt venues are available for use when the Levitt concert series isn’t taking place, providing the community and other local nonprofits with a state-of-the-art outdoor venue for additional music events, theatrical performances, community programs and private functions.

Magnet for community: A Levitt site becomes a thriving hub where people of all ages and backgrounds come together—a place where audience members and volunteers, community partners and local sponsors gather to celebrate their community.